DialMyCalls Scholarship
1st place will win $1500.00 and 2nd place will win $500.00
Scholarship Entry Instructions

  1. Fill in the following information below under "Applicant Information." Only 1 entry per person please.
  2. A) Essay Topic: 

    Have you done something in the past year that has made a difference in your community? What was your experience like? Tell us all about your contribution and the inspiration behind reaching out to help with a local cause.

    As a company that firmly believes in giving back locally, we look forward to hearing all the different ways in which students are making an effort to help out their community.

    B) Essay Instructions: Essays should be at least 750 words in length (approximately three pages). Please be sure to submit a compelling essay that explains, in detail, what you've done to help out your community in the past year, the inspiration behind it and what your experience was like.

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Best of Senior Living Scholarship
Amount of award: $2,000 (3 scholarships available)
Deadline : December 31, 2017

SeniorAdvisor.comFuture of Assisted Living Scholarship. Three $2,000 scholarships available to students enrolled in an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or graduate level program at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university. Each eligible student must submit a 500-750 word essay response to the question: How can your major of study improve the lives of seniors in assisted living facilities in your town? Deadline is December 31, 2017. Scholarship award recipients will be announced January 31, 2018

Essay topic and scholarship details can be found on the Assisted Living page.  This is an annual scholarship and will be offered every year.

Catawba College 
Academy for Teaching
West Teaching Scholarship at the Catawba College Academy for Teaching
Award Amount $2500 *Must Apply and be accepted to Catawba 
Deadline December 1st

DomCop Scholarship Program 
Amount of award: $1,000

Deadline : November 1st, 2017

This program is open to all University, College, and High school students who are currently enrolled in an educational program.
  • Please write a 800-1,500 word essay about a new business idea that you think would help to make the world a better place.  Why do you believe that it would be successful?  What would drive its growth?  What challenges and barriers to entry would you face if you started it?  How would you obtain market share from any current competition?

  • In addition to your essay, please send a video of yourself talking through your business idea and the inspiration behind it. The video should be 5-15 minutes in length and should act as a supplement to your submitted essay. Discuss the key points in your essay and show your enthusiasm for your idea!

  • Submit proof of enrollment in, or an acceptance letter to, an accredited university or school that is list on the U.S. Department of Education’s official website

  • Please be advised in the privacy policy below that your submission can be shared publicly.

"StudyPug Math Help Scholarship"
Award Amount $1000 

Deadline December 15th

StudyPug offers an annual $1000 cash scholarship, awarded based on the applicant’s essay on a specified math-related topic.


Our 2017 Topic:

Math is everywhere around us.  Benjamin Franklin once said: "No employment can be managed without arithmetic, no mechanical invention without geometry."

To apply for the scholarship, complete a 500-1000 word article discussing how a math teacher, a math class, a math tutor, or a math lesson has changed how you see the world around you.


The Swing of Things scholarship 
Deadline March 31st 
Award Amount $500

The Swing of Things scholarship is geared towards students transitioning into college. Students can enter by writing a short essay describing what they expect to change going to college and how they will adapt. It is a $500 scholarship awarded to one winner annually.


Stump Pump Guide Scholarship 
Award Amount $500

Deadline June 30th

SP Guides is offering an annual scholarship to all students. This scholarship is merit based, requires an essay submission, and the winning applicant will receive $500 towards their costs for education.

Here is a brief list of our requirements:

- Must be a current high school senior or college student under the age of 24 years
- Write a 750-1000 words essay on the following topic:
  "House of the Future: How Automation Tech Is Transforming the Home”

Apeture Education 
Award Amount $1000

Deadline December 1st

Aperture Education is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a student between the ages of 16-22 who submits a written essay on our chosen topic by December 1, 2017.

Submissions will be judged and voted on with a winner being announced on or around December 15th, 2017.  

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