Teacher Education Fellows- UNCG

Developing the Teacher as Servant Leader within a Diverse and Global Context

The UNCG Teacher Education Fellows Program emphasizes servant leadership within a diverse and global context. As participants in this community of like-minded pre-service teachers, scholarship recipients will engage in teaching-related activities designed to develop and enhance their leadership abilities, commitment to the campus and broader community, and awareness of socio-cultural considerations from the individual to the global scale.

“Everyone says you can never prepare yourself for the classroom. The only way to prepare myself is to be in the classroom. I have really discovered that as a Teaching Fellow. It has allowed me to get that head start on my career!”
-Hannah Bay Snider


Due to the generosity of the Marian Franklin Scholarship, the Jacqueline W. & Jack H. Varner Scholarship, and the J. Barnwell & Mary Blair Allison Scholarship, participation in the UNCG Teacher Education Fellows Program includes scholarships of up to $20,000.00. Scholarship funds for tuition are distributed incrementally, with $3,500.00 distributed in the first year, $4,500.00 distributed in the second year, and $6,000.00 distributed in each of the last two years, as long as eligibility requirements are maintained.

poshPoshified Scholarship
The scholarship was created to help empower women through education. Please click the following link for additional information.

I Heart My School Scholarship

What’s ABODO?

ABODO is an apartment search service started by a few guys from UW - Madison. ABODO was built by students for students. Why? We loved our school, but hated every time we had to find a new place to live. The listing services didn’t have many listings and the classified ads sucked. We decided to solve the problem by pulling together all the listings around campus, putting them all on a single map with powerful filters and displaying real-time availability. It worked for us, so now we’re on a mission to spread the love and make off-campus apartment search easy across the country! 

What’s this scholarship all about? 

We started in a dorm room and now we’re a real company. It’s time for us to pay it forward. We’re offering a $500 tuition scholarship twice a year! No, you cannot win twice… but your roommate could win the next time. 

Use the following link for more information and the scholarship application.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship 

"The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program is the largest undergraduate scholarship in the country. The scholarship provides up to $40,000 per year for four years to attend the nation's best colleges and universities."


  • Plan to graduate from a U.S. high school in spring 2017
  • Intend to enroll in an accredited 4-year college beginning in fall 2017
  • Earn a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above
  • SAT combined math and critical reading score of 1200 or above and/or ACT composite score of 26 or above
  • Demonstrate significant unmet financial need

“B. Davis Scholarship”
The creators of the “Student Award Search Aid” website are offering a scholarship for 2017.
Please visit our website at to read about us and to apply for our scholarship.  While you’re there, please browse through the rest of the site to learn more about applying for scholarships.
Our website was developed solely for the purpose of helping students locate and apply for scholarships. We are trying to improve the students’ chances for success.  The site is free and we charge nothing for the information or the application.
The deadline for applications is May 22, 2017
Amount of Scholarship:  $1,000
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

SP Guides is offering an annual scholarship to all students. This scholarship is merit based, requires an essay submission, and the winning applicant will receive $1,000 towards their costs for education. All of the application details are available on our website at

Here is a brief list of our requirements:

- Must be a current high school senior or college student under the age of 24 years
- Submit a complete application by June 30th, 2017
- Write a 1000-1500-word essay on the following topic:
 "House of the Future: How Automation Tech Is Transforming the Home”

2016 PSAT/NMSQT Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
Scholarships can open doors for students who might not be able to afford college, and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation provides one of the largest scholarships in the country for high-achieving students with financial need.
Over half (54 percent) of the students who won the Jack Kent Cooke College Scholarship last year had taken the PSAT/NMSQT® and were discovered through Student Search Service®.
The Cooke College Scholarship seeks out underrepresented students of all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities using the PSAT/NMSQT.
The Cooke College Scholarship
Offers up to $40,000 per year for four years of undergraduate study at any accredited college or university
Can be used toward total cost of attendance, not just tuition, room, and board
Supports study-abroad programs and internships
A chance to receive $50,000 a year for graduate study, up to four years
Sign up to receive an automatic alert when the application opens this year so you can let your students know.

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The Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program

The Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program awards 510 scholarships up to $2,500 each for High School Seniors 

Information about the program can be found here:

Varsity Tutors Scholarship 

Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students must write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here:

College of the Albemarle

For scholarships offered for COA please click here

 High School Essay Contest
Available to: High School Freshmen through High School Senior
Award Amount: $2,500

The AFSA High School Essay Contest is open to all high school students.

In order to apply, imagining that you are a U.S. Ambassador, you must submit a 1,000- to 1,250-word essay explaining what you as a diplomat would do, using the resources available to you as Ambassador, to improve the relations between the U.S. and your country of choice (Burma / Myanmar, Greece, Haiti, India, Kenya, Libya), and how the major foreign policy differences between that nation and the United States might best be handled in our national interest.
Learn more information about the AFSA High School Essay Contest.

Anthem Essay Contest

Available to: Maximum Age 16 Years 
Award Amount: $2,000

The Anthem Essay Contest is open to students in 8th, 9th and 10th grade.
You must submit an essay of between 600 and 1,200 words based on Ayn Rand’s “Anthem.”
You must choose on one of the three topics provided on the sponsor’s website.

Essays will be judged on style and content.
Get more information on the Anthem Essay Contest.

Rubber Division Scholarship

Available to: College Juniors through College Seniors 
Award Amount: $5,000

Provided by the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society, the Rubber Division Scholarship is available to junior and senior students who are majoring in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, polymer science or a rubber industry-related field.

You must demonstrate serious interest in full-time professional and promise of a productive future as a technically trained professional employment in the rubber industry and have completed at least three semesters or six terms with a minimum ‘B’ average to be eligible for this award.

Get more information on the Rubber Division Scholarship.

Fantasy Sports Daily Scholarship

Available to: College Freshmen through Graduate Students, Year 5 
Award Amount: $1,000

The Fantasy Sports Daily Scholarship is available to students attending an accredited college or university.

You must answer four personal, open-ended, and thought-provoking questions to qualify for this award.

Get more information on the Fantasy Sports Daily Scholarship.

Annual Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest

Available to: Ages 16-18 Years 
Award Amount: $1,000

The Annual Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest is open to high school juniors and seniors.

This year’s essay competition is based on the book, “Little Women”.

You must write an essay on one of five selected topics listed on the Web site to be considered for this award.

Get more information on the Annual Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest.

College JumpStart Scholarship

Available to: High School Sophomore through College Senior 
Award Amount: Varies 

The College JumpStart Scholarship is available to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors; and current college students.

To be considered for this award, you must be committed to going to school and be able express your goals for getting a higher education.

Get more information on the College JumpStart Scholarship.

Fountainhead Essay Contest

Available to: Ages 16-18 
Award Amount: 236 Awards from $50 – $10,000

The Fountainhead Essay Contest is open worldwide to 11th and 12th graders.

You must write an essay of no fewer than 800 and no more than 1,600 words on a topic relating to Ayn Rand’s novel, “The Fountainhead.”

Topics can be found on the sponsor’s Web site. Essays are judged on both style and content.

The winning essay must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning of “The Fountainhead.”

All information necessary to enter the contest is contained on the sponsor’s site.

Learn more information about the Fountainhead Essay Contest.

$2,000 Disaster Preparation Scholarship

Available to: High School Freshmen through College Seniors
Award Amount: 3 Awards of $2,000

The $2,000 Disaster Preparation Scholarship is open to current high school and college students.

You must create a video that shows how properly planning for a hurricane or other flood disaster can be a valuable tool and upload it to YouTube in order to be considered for this award.

Get more information on the $2,000 Disaster Preparation Scholarship.

Paradigm Challenge

Available to: Maximum Age 18 
Award Amount: 100 Awards from $500 – $100,000

The Paradigm Challenge is available to students up to the age of 18.

You may work in a team or alone in creating an original and creative way to generate new ideas in preventing injuries and fatalities from home fires—America’s #1 disaster threat.

Entries may come in the form of posters, videos, inventions, messages, community events, websites, mobile apps, or anything else that will help save lives.

Additionally, you must submit a brief statement of your idea (140 characters or less) in order to qualify for this award.

Learn more information about the Paradigm Challenge.

James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund

Available to: College Freshmen through Graduate Students, Year 5
Award Amount: 5 Awards from $100-$5,000

The James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students at colleges / universities in the United States.

To be considered, you must submit an essay on the use of alternative medical approaches in the treatment of cancer.

Some suggested topics for your essay are:

•Why are alternative therapies used by cancer patients when they are not FDAapproved? 

•Should cancer patients and doctors be able to use whatever treatments they like in treating cancer? 

•Should medicinal medicine and folk knowledge have any relevancy in cancer? 

•It is estimated that it costs over $400 million to bring a new cancer drug to market. 
  Does that establish roadblocks for the testing and approval of alternative therapies? 

Get more information on the James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Optimist International Oratorical Contest

Available To: Maximum Age 18 Years
Award Amount: $2,500

The Optimist International Oratorical Contest is open to students under the age of 19.

To be considered for this award, you must prepare a 4 to 5 minute speech on the topic, “How My Passions Impact the World” to be presented at your local Optimist Club’s contest.

Get more information on the Optimist International Oratorical Contest.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Available to: College Freshmen through College Seniors
Award Amount: Varies

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is available to undergraduate students who are in good academic standing.

You must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant, have been accepted to or applied to a study abroad program or internship and plan to study abroad for at least four weeks in one country in order to be eligible for this award.

Get more information on the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

HRSA Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students

Available to: College Freshmen through Graduate Students, Year 5
Award Amount: Varies

The HRSA Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students is available to students who are from a disadvantaged background as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

You must be attending a participating school of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing or a related allied health field to be considered for this award.

Get more information on the HRSA Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students.

Invite a Friend to Fastweb

Award: $500
Deadline: Last day of each month; Refreshes monthly
Available to: All Fastweb Members

You and a friend could win $500! Simply invite a friend to join Fastweb. Once your friend completes the registration, you’re both entered to win $500.

Learn how you can Invite a Friend to Fastweb and quality you and a friend for $500.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship
Award Amount $2000
Click Here for more info

NAEHCY Scholarships

This scholarship is for students who have experienced homelessness
Amount $1500

Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs. Scholarship applications will be accepted until midnight on June 30, 2016.
We ask interested students to visit and click the banner on the right-hand side of the website's homepage.

Women’s Association of Duck Woods Country Club (WADWCC) Memorial Scholarship

The WADWCC Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to honor the memory of deceased
members, to recognize the importance of education and life-long learning, and to support the 
organization’s commitment to help needy members of the local community. The scholarship is
intended to assist a male or female student whose post-secondary education has been interrupted or delayed.

Applicant Requirements:

1. Must be a high school graduate, who does not have a bachelor’s degree.

2. Must have had their post-secondary education interrupted or delayed for more than one year.

3. Must be a resident of Dare County or Currituck County.

4. Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible for U.S. citizenship.

5. Must enroll in a minimum of three credit hours in the Fall semester.

6. May be a current college student who meets the above criteria.

Interested applicants must submit the following by April 1, 2016:

1. A completed application.

2. An official high school transcript and an official transcript of any completed post-secondary 
course work.

3. An official letter of college acceptance or evidence of current enrollment from any accredited 
non-profit college or university on campus or on-line.

4. Resume of work experience including dates of employment.

5. Two letters of reference (not relatives).

Submissions will be reviewed by the selection committee and finalists will be contacted for an 
interview during May 2017.  Click here for application 

Send completed application form and required documents to: 

Connie Outten
Memorial Scholarship Chair
Women’s Association of Duck Woods Country Club
Duck Woods Country Club
50 South Dogwood Trail
Southern Shores, NC  27949
Phone: 252-261-2610

Scholarship Information Specific to Clemson University