If you are a former MHS student or 3rd party and need to request an official transcript or graduation verification, you can do so online at  

Phone, email, fax and mail in orders will not be accepted.  

Those who graduated from MHS in 2004 to current year that are applying to a North Carolina Public College/ University or Community College  you may also use the following directions to have your transcript sent to your school.
If you need assistance please contact Jessica Everett at 252-473-5841 ext 1009. 

NEW!!  CFNC e-transcripts – Cancel Request option

We’ve add a new feature in the Application Hub.  It allows currently enrolled PUBLIC high school students to cancel any Final PENDING e-transcript requests up to 2 days prior to the scheduled release date.  The release date is set to PowerSchool’s last day of school + 10 days.  Students will now see a Cancel Request column in the App Hub.  The button to cancel the request will appear and allow them to cancel the request at any time up to 2 days prior to the release date (see screenshot below).  When the system date is within 2 days of the transcript release date, the Cancel button will not appear.  Please share with your students…I’m sure they have no idea this is NOW an option!  It will help cut down dramatically on the transcript server’s load come June…..not to mention, relieve the load at colleges and universities from receiving unnecessary transcripts!


If students do not cancel the final pending request within 2 days prior to the scheduled release date (which is typically in June), then they will not be able to cancel it and the system will process it normally and deliver it to the requested college/university.


If students cancel it in error, they will need to make another e-transcript request so that the final e-transcript request will be created again.