Dare County Schools Principal of the Year Mr. John Luciano
Dare County Schools Principal of the Year
MHS Principal Mr. John Luciano
Manteo High School Principal John Luciano -
Dare County Schools Principal of the Year

As Dare County Schools Principal of the Year, John Luciano begins his 12th year in Dare County as Manteo High School Principal. This is the second time he has been recognized as Principal of the Year. It is with great satisfaction that this award comes his way since his school received an A+ performance grade from NC Department of Public Instruction's Accountability Services Division for exhibiting both high performance and growth - particularly after MHS exceeded expected growth for the past four years.

Luciano says that the groundwork for Manteo High School's success is accomplished at Nags Head Elementary, Manteo Elementary and Manteo Middle School. "We have the opportunity to work with these students and finish the work that they have begun. It's not where students start," Luciano asserts, "it's where they finish." 

Luciano credits his "great, dedicated" staff, and strategies such as school-wide AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), Intervention time (IT), Saturday school, the ACT practice program, peer tutors, and school-wide high expectations.  He says that using EVAAS (Education Value-Added Assesment System) helps to predict success probabilities for students at numerous academic milestones, and they use benchmarks to learn where students are academically (and what still needs to be learned). 

Luciano earned his Masters in Applied Mathematics from Long Island University and subsequently took Administration courses at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Massachusetts. He has been in education for 40 years, beginning as a math teacher. He worked his way up to Math Department Chair, became an Assistant Principal and was a Principal in four states; he served as an Assistant Superintendent, and as a Curriculum Coordinator - for a total of 30 years in school administration. 

Luciano says that his recognition as Principal of the Year, and the school's performance grade are all due to the commitment of the staff at Manteo High School. "My recognition is a reflection on the entire school community. I am just the representative for them," Luciano maintains. "This is as much the staff's award as it is mine."

Since 1984, Wells Fargo Bank has financially supported the program in collaboration with the Department of Public Instruction to recognize outstanding principals from the North Carolina public schools.