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The ACT will be given on the following dates at MHS:


September 9, 2017………..deadline to register August 4, 2017

December 9, 2017………..deadline to register November 3, 2017

April 14, 2018……………deadline to register March 9, 2018

Additional dates for the ACT are offered at various locations. See below link for more info.


You are responsible for online registration. The Counseling Center will assist you with this process but it is your responsibility for the final registration

ACT Contact number 319-337-1313 for additional assistance

MHS School Code #  342470

MHS Test Center Code for ACT  #157780


**Registration for ACT must be done online. A Photo must be uploaded for the registration ticket and student must have ticket to enter test area on test day.  There are no longer stand by spots offered.  Student scores will no longer put on transcripts so students will need to set up accounts to keep up with scores and have them sent to colleges.  Students need to keep up with usernames and passwords.