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The ACT is offered at Manteo High School in September and December.  Learn more about taking the ACT here, including available dates for the 2020 school year. This is another college admissions test students may want to consider in addition to the SAT. 

Manteo High School ACT Testing Center Code 157780

Manteo High School ACT High School Code 342470

The ACT is given to all juniors at MHS in early Spring, at no cost to the student. 


The SAT is offered at Manteo High School in August, October, March and May.  Learn more about taking the SAT here, including available dates for the 2020-21 school year. (You should plan to take the SAT twice in the spring of your junior year, then once in the fall of your senior year to establish your best scores.)

Manteo High School SAT Testing Center Code 34575

Manteo High School SAT High School Code 342470